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Metering Services

Why metering is a good idea?

You only pay for what you use. You are in control!
Because owners have control over their own energy costs, they will be able to use it in ways that best allow them to conserve.

Metering is fair for all owners and renters.
Metering gives owners and renters direct control over their own energy consumption and costs.

People who pay their own energy bills consume less.
Studies show that those who pay their own electricity bill will use less electricity. The consumption savings has been demonstrated to be 20 percent or more. *

Metering is the right course of action for all owners and tenants.
When a building is metered, building management becomes responsible for only common area usage. The resulting budget is lower and more predictable, which makes for more stable cost management and lower maintenance fees.

Metering increases the value of the building.
Lower maintenance fees are a result of unbundling the suite electricity, heating, cooling and water costs. This is becoming more important because of the need to compete with the large numbers of condominium units built in the area since January 2008 – all of which are individually metered.

*“The Impact of Sub-Metering on Condominium Electricity Demand”, Donald Dewees and Trevor Tombe, Department of Economics, University of Toronto, 13 July 2010.

“Evaluation of Individual Metering and Time-of-Use Pricing Pilot” Navigant Consulting Inc. – Report to Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc., 18 March 2008.

The O•H•Metering Advantage

Why you should pick Oakville Hydro Energy Services (OHESI) Sub-Metering to sub-meter your building:

The suites are direct customers of O•H•Metering.

  • Every customer is an individual, separate and direct customer of O•H•Metering. The energy use, or payment decisions, of any unit will never effect the condominium board, condominium owners, apartment owner, tenants or any other residents.

A Utility level of service and reliability.

  • Every O•H•Metering customer gets a full utility level of service and reliability.
  • Every customer gets the full benefits of our utility-based approach.

O•H•Metering looks after all of your metering needs.

  • We offer electricity, water, thermal and gas metering.
    Whatever your project needs, OH Metering has the ability to meet them.

Most importantly, O•H•Metering makes the transition to metering easy and painless.

  • We are with you every step of the way. Our entire process was designed with you, the customer, in mind.


The O•H•Metering name is a badge of reassurance for developers, condominium boards, landlords, suite owners and tenants.

O•H•Metering is part of the Oakville Enterprises Corporation group of companies. We draw upon 100 years of tradition, bringing the same quality of service and reliability that people have come to expect.

O•H•Metering offers Electricity, Water, Thermal and Gas Metering.


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