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Management Team

Erik Kalm

Head of Sales, OH Metering

  • Erik brings over 10 years of experience in the sub-metering and suite metering sectors across Ontario
  • Currently Erik heads up sales of all sub-metering services for OH Metering and Oakville Hydro as well as providing suite-metering sales services to most major Ontario utilities
  • Erik co-founded and was the Executive Vice-President of EnLITEnEnergy Services, and Senior Vice President of Metering Support Services Canada, leading providers of Smart Grid, Smart Metering and Smart Sub-Metering services
  • While with Enbridge Electric Connections Inc., Erik developed an industry-leading, customer focused and service oriented, sales program that is still the dominant model in the sub-metering retrofit market. He has continued to refine the program and has used it successfully in all of his client areas
  • Implementing the above program has allowed Erik to outsell the rest of the sub-metering industry in terms of retrofit sub or suite metering conversions. Erik has converted more then 20,000 retrofit units, as well as landing an equivalent amount of new construction buildings

The O•H•Metering name is a badge of reassurance for developers, condominium boards, landlords, suite owners and tenants.

O•H•Metering is part of the Oakville Enterprises Corporation group of companies. We draw upon 100 years of tradition, bringing the same quality of service and reliability that people have come to expect.

O•H•Metering offers Electricity, Water, Thermal and Gas Metering.


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